Chicana/Latina Studies: The Journal of MALCS

Chicana/Latina Studies is an interdisciplinary, peer reviewed, biannual publication of the Mujeres Activas en Letras y Cambio Social (Women Active in Research and Social Change).  The Journal is committed to exploring Chicana/Latina experiences through research articles, literary criticism, creative writing, review essays, occasional commentaries, and book reviews.

The Journal, then known as Voces, was originally housed at the Chicana/Latina Research Center of the University of California at Davis. Voces was published between 1996-2001 under the management of Adaljiza Sosa-Riddell. From 2003 to 2009, the Journal was housed at Loyola Marymount University and was renamed Chicana/Latina Studies: The Journal of Mujeres Activas en Letras y Cambio Social. Under the co-editorship of KarenMary Davalos (2003-2009), Alicia Partnoy (2003-2006), and Tiffany Ana López (2006-2009), the Journal established itself as an interdisciplinary space of intellectual rigor.

In the Summer of 2009, the Journal transitioned to the College of Education and Human Development (COEHD) at the University of Texas at San Antonio under the Editorship of Josie Mendez-Negrete, with Tiffany Ana López serving as co-editor (2009-2011).  Additional history on C/LS may be found in Volume 9(1) under Editor Commentary.  The Journal moved to Arizona State University under the co-editorship of Gloria Cuádraz and Alejandra Elenes in the summer of 2014.

As the publication of a diverse association, the Journal is receptive to all scholarly methods and theoretical perspectives that examine, describe, analyze, or interpret the experiences of Chicanas/Latinas and Native women. The Journal welcomes English or Spanish submissions of scholarship, commentary, reviews, and creative writing.


C0-Lead Editor: Gloria Cuádraz, Arizona State University

Co-Lead Editor: C. Alejandra Elenes, Arizona State University

Co-Lead Editor: Eliza Rodriguez y Gibson, Loyola Marymount University


Co-Lead Editor Gloria Cuádraz                                 Co-Lead Editor C. Alejandra Elenes                             Co-Lead Editor Eliza Rodriguez y Gibson

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Editorial Information

Chicana/Latina Studies National Advisory Board

Luz Calvo California State University, East Bay
Norma Cantú University of Texas, San Antonio
Antonia Castañeda St. Mary’s University, San Antonio
Mari Castañeda University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Elizabeth Coonrod Martinez Sonoma State University
Teresa Cordova University of New Mexico
Karen Mary Davalos Loyola Marymount University
Alejandra Elenes Arizona State University
Elisa Linda Facio University of Colorado
Sonia Garcia St. Mary’s University, San Antonio
Maria C. González University of Houston
Lisa Justine Hernandez St. Edward’s University
Gaye Theresa Johnson University of California, Santa Barbara
Tiffany Ana Lopez University of California, Riverside
Marie “Keta” Miranda University of Texas, San Antonio
Sonia Saldívar Hull University of Texas, San Antonio

Editorial Review Board

Monica Brown Northern Arizona University
Amalia Cabezas University of California, Riverside
Norma Cárdenas Oregon State University
Maria Elena Cepeda Williams College
Gloria H. Cuádraz Arizona State University
Theresa Delgadillo Ohio State University
Tonya González Kansas State University
Bianca Guzmán California State University, Los Angeles
Linda Heidenreich Washington State University
Ester E. Hernandez California State University, Los Angeles
Patricia Herrera University of Richmond
Marci R. McMahon UT Pan American
Lydia Otero University of Arizona
Elisa Rodriguez y Gibson University of Redlands
Ana Clarissa Rojas Durazo California State University, Long Beach
Michelle Téllez Arizona State University
Rita Urquijo-Ruiz Trinity University

Chicana/Latina Studies Herstory:

Lead Editor, 2009-2014

Josie Mendez-Negrete, University of Texas at San Antonio

Co-Editor, 2009-2011

Tiffany Ana López, University of California Riverside

University of Texas at San Antonio Colectiva
Thelma Duffey
Lucila Ek
Lee Ann Epstein
Rhonda Gonzales
Maya Guirao
Raquel R. Marquez
Larissa Mercado-Lopez
Lisa Montoya
Maricela Oliva
Patricia Portales
Patricia D. Quijada Cerecer
Gloria Ramirez
Mariela Rodriguez
Lilliana Patricia Saldaña
Patricia Sánchez

University of Texas at San Antonio Manager/Review Coordinator

Sandra D. Garza

University of Texas at San Antonio Interns
Yasmina Codina
Jennifer Ojeda
Crystal E. Serrano

Co-Senior Editors, 2006-2009

Karen Mary Davalos, Loyola Marymount University
Tiffany Ana López, UC Riverside

Co-Senior Editors, 2003-2006

Karen Mary Davalos, Loyola Marymount University
Alicia Partnoy, Loyola Marymount University

Loyola Marymount University Latina Collective

Rebeca Acevedo
Marta Baltodano
Erika Camacho
Karen Mary Davalos
Deena J. González
Yvette Lapayese
Magaly Lavadenz
Nina Maria Lozano-Reich
Sylvia Morales
Gloria Orozco
Alicia Partnoy