MALCS Summer Institute

Second plenary, 2012 MALCS Summer Institute

Arcelia Hurtado, Deputy Director of the National Center for Lesbian Rights, addresses the membership next to Martha Gonzalez (U Washington) and Stephanie Alvarez Martinez (UT Pan Am) at the MALCS 2012 second plenary in UCSB’s Corwin Pavilion, titled “Technologies of Visibility: The Practice of Dialogo, Testimonio y Performance.” Table design by Ester Trujillo.

With lectures, workshops, seminars, and various social activities, the Institute is designed to challenge us intellectually by sharing work and ideas; it creates an informal space for socializing and networking, and offers a safe space to present early work for discussion and development. The institute is a unique and creative space from which we emerge energized and ready to engage the world again.


MALCS is open to all Chicana, Latina, Afro-Latina, Asian-Latina and Indigenous women and gender non-conforming people working toward the support, education and dissemination of Chicana/Latina & Native American women’s issues. This includes faculty, staff, graduate students, undergraduates, and community members. If you are interested in joining us, please see our membership page or drop us a line. Please note that you must be a member in order to attend the summer institute; you can register for both at the same time, if necessary, though the fees are collected separately.




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Mapping Geographies of Self: Woman as First Environment” 

It is ninety miles from Albuquerque to the El Rito campus of Northern New Mexico College. To the West is the Rio Grande; to the East are the Sandia and Sangre de Cristo mountain ranges. These mountains cradle the entire route as it snakes North into the geographic landscape of northern New Mexico. Four sacred peaks mark this landscape, tracing P’o (water and time). Etched into the countless volcanic rocks surrounding the trails of the North are millions of images recording time immemorial –histories of the Old Ones and the Mother from whom they emerged. She is the origin; she is the first environment. While this concept is not particular to northern New Mexico, to the Southwest or to the Americas, it is a critical component of our experiences and our stories as Chicana, Afro-Latina, Asian- Latina, and Indigenous women (continue reading...)


Official Call for Papers  (Deadline EXTENDED to April 7, 2014)


Past Institutes

2013 Poster_web
Aquí Estamos!/We Are Here!: Movements, Migrations, Pilgrimage and Belonging
July 17-20, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH // Site Chair: Theresa Delgadillo
 2012 Canvas bag with MALCS original design 2012 
Todos Somos Arizona: Confronting the Attack on Difference
July 18-21, University of California, Santa Barbara // Site Chair: Aida Hurtado
2011 Against Fear and Terror: Una Nueva Conciencia Sin Fronteras August 3-6, California State University, Los Angeles // Site Chair: Dionne Espinoza Image for 2011 MALCS Summer Institute
2010 * National Conference Cancelled to Honor Boycott of SB1070 * Arizona MALCSistas quickly reorganized to create the Arizona State MALCS Conference “Derechos Humanos: (Re)Claiming Our Dreams Across Contested Terrains” Arizona State University, Phoenix, July 21-24
2009 2009 logoThe Border as Mirror: Negotiating the View From Here July 22-25, New Mexico State University, Las Cruces // Site Chair: Monica Torres
Mujeres (Re)member: Creating Spaces of (Be)longing Across Latinidades and Indigenismas July 30 – August 2, University of Utah, Salt Lake City // Site Chair: Dolores Delgado Bernal
2007 Among Women, Between Nations Entre Mujeres, Entre Naciones August 2–4, University of Minnesota, St. Paul Campus // Site chair: Eden Torres
2006 Transfronteras, Geographies & Generations
August 3-5, University of California at Santa Cruz // Site chair: Felicity Schaeffer GrabrielSite coordinators: Felicity Schaeffer-Grabiel, Susy Zepeda, Elisa Diana Huerta, Rosa-Linda Fregoso, Aida Hurtado, Pat Zavella, Olga Nájera-Ramírez, Norma Klahn, Gabriela Arredondo, Catherine Ramírez, Rosie Cabrera, Roberta Valdez, Xochitl Chavez, Susy Zepeda, Sandra Alvarez, Cindy Bello, Gloria Moran
2005 “Sabiduría y Acción:” La Fuerza de las Mujeres August 4-7, University of California at Berkeley // Site chairs: Adriana Ayala & Cristina Perez
2004 Cyber Imaginaries: Decolonizing the Future August 6 – 8, University of Washington, Seattle // Site chairs: Rusty Barcelo & Magdalena FonsecaSite committee: Laura Avila, Crystil Barragan, Andrea Gamboa, Angela Ginorio, Gabriela Gutierrez y Muhs, Linda Heidenreich, Elizabeth Salas, Yvonne Sanchez, Anita Sitio, Cecilia Valenzuela
2003 Reflexiones y Visiones: MALCS Building the Future August 10-13, San Antonio, Texas // Site chairs: Norma Cantú & Gaye Okoh
2001 ¡Activismo! Académicas, Artistas, Científicas y más…August 2-5, California State University, Northridge // Site chair: Mary Pardo
2000 University of California, Davis Site chair: Adaljiza Sosa Riddell
1999 Los Recuerdos del Porvenir/Remembrances of Things to Come August 12-15, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis // Site chair: Rusty Barcelo & Carmen A….Docs: Call for Papers
1998 University of California, Santa Cruz // Site chair: Kathy Blackmer-Reyes
1997 Solidaridad: Collaborating Across Identities, Communities & Boundaries July 30 – August 3, University of Colorado, Boulder // Site chair: Elisa Facio
1996 California State University, San Diego
1995 Heterogeneity of Chicana Feminism: Problems and Possiblities August 16-19, University of California, Davis // Site chair: Adaljiza Sosa Riddell
1994 University of Illinois, Chicago // Site chair: Irene Campos-Carr
1993 August 14-15, University of California, Santa Barbara // Site chair: Denise Segura
1992 Resistance and Celebration: La Fuerza de las Mujeres August 1-5, University of California, Berkeley // Site chair: Julia Curry
1991 Laredo State University // Site chair: Norma Cantú
1990 University of California, Los Angeles // Site chair: Angelina Veyna
1989 Santa Clara University // Site chair: Alma Garcia
1988 July 19-31, University of California, Davis // Site chair: Adaljiza Sosa Riddell
1987 Ethics July 27-31, University of California, Davis // Site chair: Adaljiza Sosa Riddell
1986 Violencia y la Mujer August 21, University of California, Davis // Site chair: Adaljiza Sosa Riddell
1985 Sexual Politics July 22, University of California, Davis // Site chair: Adaljiza Sosa Riddell